ashley’s picks: acrylic earrings for fall

ashley’s picks: acrylic earrings for fall

acrylic earrings started becoming popular this summer, in rainbow brights to add a splash of color to any outfit. now that fall is coming, they have transitioned into neutrals perfect to pair with the warm toned reds, yellows, and browns that are trending this fall. keep reading below for some of my fave pairs that i’ve seen!

goes with anything

tortoise shell is the perfect print to go with any outfit or style. by picking up a pair in a classic shape you can truly find an everyday statement earring.

amazon | j. crew | cult gaia

unusual shapes 

one of my favorite things about this trend is all of the fun shapes that have emerged. i especially love interesting shapes that can add personality to an all black outfit (my go to!).

bauble bar | amazon | bauble bar

subtle + understated

if you’re looking for a simple and understated way to wear this trend, clear is definitely the way to go. i love wearing a sleek ponytail or bun to show off these earrings!

amazon | urban outfitters | shopbop

muted blush tones 

blush is basically a neutral at this point. i love this color but it’s not very flattering on my skintone, so small splashes like these earrings are a great way for someone like me to incorporate the color.

madewell | amazon | cult gaia

that’s all my acrylic earring picks for this fall! this trend is so affordable that i plan on picking up multiple pairs in different styles to mix and match throughout my wardrobe. plus, they’re so lightweight they don’t hurt my ears like other statement earrings have in the past! which style is your favorite?

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updated skincare essentials – summer 2018

updated skincare essentials – summer 2018

i was looking through my skincare + haircare essentials post i made last year, and realized how much my skincare routine has changed! my skin itself has changed a lot over the past year, going from combination/acne prone to very very dry but i still get hormonal breakouts. i’ve had to find a lot of new products to suit my skin’s current needs. keep reading to find out what i have been using!

cetaphil gentle cleanser for all skin types 

this is just a basic, gentle cleanser that i use morning and night to leave my skin feeling squeaky clean. i love that it is super affordable and can be found just about anywhere – drugstores, grocery stores, even readily available on amazon.

garnier skinactive micellar cleansing water for waterproof makeup

this is the only makeup remover i have tried that gets my waterproof eyeliner and mascara off with not a lot of effort! i mainly use this at night to remove makeup and oil from the day, but will also use it if i’m running really late in the morning and don’t have time to use a traditional cleanser.

thayer’s witch hazel toner

this alcohol free toner is not drying at all, but still helps to calm any breakouts and inflammation. it comes in a ton of scents but my personal favorite is the rose petal!

skinfood black sugar strawberry wash off mask 

this wash-off mask/exfoliator combo makes my skin feel amazing! it smells so good and really helps to slough off any of my dry skin and clear up any breakouts i might have.

organic rosehip oil serum 

i use this every night right before bed. it really helps to clear up any redness or hyperpigmentation on my face, and it also suck all of the oil plugs out of my nose and makes my pores appear smaller. it does look and feel very greasy on the face though, so i wouldn’t recommend for daytime use.

murad skin perfecting lotion

this is my favorite daily moisturizer to use in the summertime. its super lightweight and wears well under makeup, but also provides all the moisture i need throughout the day.

mario badescu facial sprays

i pick one of these up everytime i go to ulta. i love to use them to refresh my makeup in the middle of the day, and they feel especially great on hot summer days!

i also use masks 3-4 times a week but i’m constantly switching up what i use so i did not include any products! and thats basically my skincare routine! let me know if you want to know more about any products and i can do a whole post all about it!!

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forever21 sale picks

forever21 sale picks

i haven’t been doing a lot of shopping this summer, but when i saw that forever21 was having an up to 75% off sale, i knew i had to check it out! i’ve been hearing that forever21 has had really cute stuff lately, plus i thought my closet could use a little revamp before the fall. i only picked out a handful of items, but i really tried to focus on pieces that could be worn to a variety of places, and throughout the year.

ribbed flare dress – $6.45

i love basic dresses like this one because they can go with almost anything! i picked up this dress in black but also love all of the other colors it comes in.

ruffle cami dress – $10.99

while similar to the previous dress, the little ruffles on this dress takes it up just a notch and makes it great for work events throughout the year. i also picked this dress up in black, but i’m really considering purchasing the dress in yellow as well!

crepe cropped cami – $6.93

tops like this have been really popular, and at this price there is no reason for me not to try it! i loved the yellow color but was sold out in my size, so i also ended up with this piece in black (still in stock in blush too!)

zip front mini skirt – $10.99 

i used to love skirts, but all of them have been cleaned out of my closet and not replaced over the past few years, and i’m not sure why! this skirt is a perfect introduction back into the garment, and i love how the zipper detailing adds a bit of an edge.

striped box pleat skirt – $11.99

this skirt is an ultimate versatile piece to have in my closet. i could pair it with a plain tee  and sandals for a casual outfit, a blouse and mules to wear to work, and could probably even dress it up with a satin cami and some heels for a night time event.

that’s all i’ve picked up during forever21’s sale! i haven’t received the items yet, but wanted to make a post immediately as i noticed a lot of cute items were selling out quickly. let me know below if you’d want me to review these pieces once received!

disclaimer: this post is not sponsored. all opinions are my own. all items in stock and prices accurate at time of posting.
favorite spring trends

favorite spring trends

hey there! it’s been a while, but i’m back and ready to talk about spring fashion. the rain still doesn’t seem to want to leave the bay area any time soon, but that hasn’t stopped me from preparing my wardrobe for the warmer days ahead. keep reading below to see which trends i am loving this season!

mustard yellow 

i started picking up pieces in this shade during the fall, but have loved seeing this muted tone making its way into spring styles. it feels fresh when included with white stripes or in a gingham print, but also looks amazing in a classic floral.

striped top: forever21                         
gingham dress:  forever21                         
floral dress: forever21

celestial patterns 

star prints creeped into stores towards the end of winter, but they are transitioning for spring in lighter shades. i love anything with suns, stars or moons all over it because it adds an instant bit of effortless cool into any outfit. as a bonus – this trend is super easy to diy on a pair of booties, an old denim jacket, or a thicker canvas shirt.

dress: forever21                               
booties: nordstrom                           
romper: riffraff

fruit prints 

i’m a sucker for all things kitchsy, so of course i’ve been loving the fruit prints! my favorites are lemon and strawberry, but i’ve also been into cherry prints for a bit of a retro vibe. with the variety in prints like these, you are sure to find pieces you can wear to work, to the beach, and even for a night out.

romper: forever21                           
tee: shein                           
dress:  topshop


with ultraviolet being named pantone’s color of the year, it’s no surprise that a lighter hue of purple has made its way into spring fashion. this color is so universally flattering and fitting for so many occasions. it’s also my favorite color and i’m finding ways to incorporate it more and more into my closet this season.

shoes:  urban outfitters                                 
dress: shopbop                             
cami: h+m
disclaimer: all opinions are my own. i do not own any photos used in this article. original location of photos linked. all items linked are in stock at the time of publishing.
my go-to healthy breakfast

my go-to healthy breakfast

i am not a morning person. i tend to hit snooze more times in a row than i should, and i usually end up rushing around trying to get ready as fast as possible so i’m not late for work. unfortunately, this means i also skip breakfast most days of the week.

thankfully i’m usually not too hungry in the morning, but i also see the bad side effects of skipping my morning meal. i usually do not feel as productive, and end up crashing much earlier than the days i do give myself time to eat breakfast (not to mention, i usually end up having a cup of coffee – or a few – before i even eat lunch).

i’ve been searching online and trying out different recipes in the morning whenever i can, but my mind kept going back to a pb + banana green smoothie i would order on campus before my 9am when i was in college. i thought it would be the perfect thing for me to try since it doesn’t leave me feeling too full in the morning, but also has a good amount of protein and a ton of vitamins to start my day. i can’t really taste anything other than the peanut butter in it, which i like because i don’t love to eat a ton of vegetables in the morning. although, i will warn you – the color is very green once it’s blended. (tip – you can add in a few berries to change the color to more of a pink/red/purple shade! just be careful to not add too many – personally i don’t think berries taste great with pb.)

since it’s winter i’ve been making it as more of a juice consistency, but once the weather warms up i’m excited to play around with the recipe and make it more of a smoothie! my favorite part is that it’s very easy to take with you on the go – and since i make it in my magic bullet, it’s as easy as popping on a travel lid to the cup i blended it in.

pb + banana green juice 



  • 1.25 cups of greens (i use a mix of baby spinach and baby kale) 
  • 1 fresh banana 
  • 1 tb of creamy peanut butter 
  • unsweetened almond milk – enough to cover the above ingredients 
  • dash of tumeric powder (optional) 

how to make it 

  1. add fresh greens, banana, and peanut butter to blender
  2. cover dry ingredients with almond milk
  3. add a dash of tumeric powder (optional)
  4. blend until smooth


let me know your thoughts if you try out my recipe!

my favorite products discovered through ipsy

my favorite products discovered through ipsy

i subscribed to ipsy last summer when they opened up their waitlist, and it has become one of my favorite packages to receive each month. i love trying out new makeup and skincare items, and with this bag i have saved so much money because i have pretty much stopped buying makeup at the store and have instead relied on ipsy’s monthly bag to try out new products. keep reading for the products that i have received through ipsy that i would repurchase once they run out!






this post is not sponsored by ipsy or any other companies mentioned. all opinions are my own.


2018 resolutions

2018 resolutions

2017 was not my year. Between changes in my personal, professional, and educational lives, this past year has been a whirlwind of stress – although i’m super grateful for where i’ve ended up starting 2018. i finally feel like i’m becoming a ‘real adult’ (whatever that means) rather than stuck in a weird phase between college and the real world. i’m also in a much better headspace and i’m craving some positive change in my life to switch things up.

since it is january, i figured i’d just make some late new year’s resolutions, and as i’m someone who needs to be held accountable, i figured i’d get them up on the blog! keep on reading below for the changes i’m working on making in my life to hopefully become a part of my routine.

focus on my passions 

in 2017, i got caught up in my social life (or, let’s be honest, netflix) in my free time rather than spending time doing the things that i love. this year, i want to budget my time better so i have more time to do what makes me happiest — decorating my apartment and doing little home projects, photography, painting, and especially making the time to work on more blog posts! 

make fitness a priority

unfortunately, i’m not the type of person who loves to work out. gyms intimidate me, i get bored easily so i need a workout plan with a lot of variety, and most importantly i need to make it a part of my routine to make sure it gets done. even though i live in the smallest studio apartment imaginable, i am trying my best to roll out my yoga mat when i get home from work each day and do an online workout video, and i’m looking into affordable classes and events to attend on the weekends. i also live next to a beautiful park that i can work out in, so once the weather warms up and the time changes i want to utilize that space for working out at least a few times a week. besides the fact that it’s important to treat your body well, i sleep better, have better focus at work, and get sick less often when i’m able to work out regularly. 

cook at home more 

i’m definitely the type of person who is not great at cooking and planning out meals for the week.  i tend to go to the grocery store, throw a bunch of stuff in the cart, and hope for the best when it comes time to cook. i don’t even want to think about how much i spend on food from eating out and ordering takeout constantly.

i got an instant pot for christmas and it has become a game changer for making healthy, quick meals during the week; and using it to cook in bulk means i have lunches ready to grab for work the next day, or i have something to pop in the microwave on a night where i’m feeling really unmotivated to cook. 

brighten someone else’s day, every day 

every day possible, i want to do something to make someone else’s day a little brighter. this can be anything from giving a few dollars to a homeless person downtown to calling a friend to check in on them when they’re going through a rough time to volunteering your time at a soup kitchen or animal shelter (or any other charity around you!). this can take any amount of time from a few seconds to a few hours, which makes it really flexible and easy to complete each and every day. 

if it takes less than 5 minutes, just do it! 

i’m definitely the type of person who can get lazy about small tasks and put them off because “it’ll be soooo easier to get it done later” and all the small tasks inevitably pile up and take a few hours over the weekend (anyone else feel me on this?). this year, i really want to focus on getting the small stuff done as it comes at me, and hopefully i’ll be less stressed overall. this is anything from washing my coffee cup before i head out to work in the morning, to folding my t shirts as soon as they get out of the shower, to taking out the garbage as soon as the can is full. i pretty much always have less than 5 minutes to spare to take care of little tasks like these, and i think that taking care of them as soon as they pop up will leave me more time on the weekends to do what i love (circling back to my first resolution!). 

that’s all for my new years resolutions in 2018! what are your resolutions? let me know in the comments!