february favorites.

february favorites.

I’ve been loving a lot of things this month! Check them out below:

forever21 high rise skinnies

i bought a few pairs of these in black when my local store was having a sale, and i became obsessed! they are a very flattering fit (on me, the rise hits right below my navel and the leg hits right above the ankle), they have the perfect amount of stretch, and they are lightweight enough that I am sure I will get a ton of use from them even in the summer. 


i realize this is a broad category, but the sales have been great at pacsun this month! first they had buy one get two free for all sale, so i went with my boyfriend to split the cost and scored a kendall and kylie bomber jacket and black ribbed turtleneck, while he picked up a black brixton hoodie. then we went back after i had a job interview at the same mall and noticed they had 70% off all sale items, so we had to take another look! this time i picked up a boxy, oversize pink sweater and he got a black hooded windbreaker. they have had a lot of great brands on sale each time i’ve looked, so i would definitely recommend going to your nearest store and checking it out! 

nyx bright idea illuminating stick in lavender lust 

lavender is my favorite color, so i love finding ways to incorporate it into my everyday look. this highlighting stick gives such a nice wash of color and natural highlight, and makes me look super awake when i’m tired in the morning! my favorite way to use it is to swipe it on my cheekbones and blend in with a damp sponge. 

gardening (kind of?)  

I have been trying to add more plants into my living space because they can purify the air, and I love the touch of green it adds to the room. However, I am terrible at keeping plants alive so I asked a friend who works at a nursery to help me pick out some plants that would be low maintenance for me. We ended up deciding on some sansiveria plants, which are a part of the cactus family so they are as low maintenance as it gets!  I currently have two variations of them and can’t wait to pick out a few more! 


My high school art teacher was really hard on me and my artistic abilities, and pushed me away from painting for years. I decided to order some watercolors this month as a hobby to do in my free time, and I have been loving it! At first it was just for fun but I have actually been getting pretty good at it for some basic designs like fruit and birds. I picked up this watercolor set that came with a decent set of brushes and this pad of watercolor paper on amazon for under $30 all together! 

coffee with chrachel 

I have been obsessed with this podcast for months now, but i had to include it in my first favorites post. Chris and Rachel sit down twice a week and record a podcast discussing everything under the rainbow, from politics to harry potter to video games to their cats, and they also answer listener questions. I can always count on this podcast to put me in a good mood, and it makes for a fun listen if you have a commute a little under an hour! I should warn that the topics and language are not always safe for work, so take precaution and bring headphones if you like to listen to podcasts in your office environment. 


I am honestly terrible at saving money, but this app makes it so easy! It basically just rounds up to the nearest dollar (or two, or three – you get to decide) every time you make a purchase with your debit card, and once you reach your goal you can transfer it into your savings account. They also have a feature where you can create a goal with multiple people, which I haven’t tried out, but would be great for saving up for a trip you plan on doing with your friends! Click here to download the app and get $5 free just for signing up! 

blue calcite 

I have been really drawn to this crystal this month. Blue calcite is known to boost creativity, which is something that I’ve always felt like I’ve needed more of this month. It is also connected to the throat chakra which is great because my allergies have really been acting up with how drastically the weather has been changing in the Bay Area (it was around 70 degrees on Valentine’s Day and then pouring rain two days later!) 



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