my skincare + haircare essentials

my skincare + haircare essentials

as i go more into my twenties, my skin and hair keep changing. over the past few years i’ve had to move on from my high school favorites and find some more products for my current skin and hair type. i’ve spent a bunch of time testing out new products in 2017, read on to see what i’ve been loving!


being a younger 20something, my skin can be kind of all over the place. i still suffer from the occasional hormonal breakout, but i am also starting to notice fine lines appearing. these products help to soothe my troubled skin and keep my face moisturized to help prevent fine lines from appearing. 

mario badescu special cucumber lotion 

i credit this toner to clearing up my skin so much. i first tried it when i picked up the mario badescu acne starter kit at ulta, and is the one product i loved enough to repurchase from the line.

mario badescu brightening mask 

a brightening mud mask that really helps to get rid of scarring, redness, and hyperpigmentation. my only complaint is that it can be a little drying, so i try to stick to using this once a week or less.

skinfood black sugar strawberry wash-off mask 

this is the best exfoliator i have ever used. first of all – the smell is amazing. it smells exactly like fresh strawberries. i use this 3 times a week in the shower after cleansing my face but before washing my hair or body. i massage it into my skin for about a minute and let it sit until the end of the shower, and my skin looks bright and clean after every use.

lush full of grace solid serum 

this solid serum is super convenient for travelling, which makes it one of my faves. plus, it has tea tree oil in it, which helps to soothe troubled skin. i use this nightly and i swear every morning my skin gets better and better.

herbivore orchid youth-preserving serum 

i use this as my morning moisturizer. it doesn’t leave behind as much residue as the lush serum, and it sits really well below makeup! if you plan on using this under makeup too, i would recommend getting the rollerball rather than the dropper, as it is easier to get only the tiniest amount.


i have super thick, wavy, frizzy hair, which means i don’t want a lot of product in my hair that will weigh down my natural texture and make my hair feel even heavier, but i also need something to keep my frizz at bay. these products make my hair look great, even with my busy wash-and-go lifestyle. 

herbal essence biorenew naked volume white grapefruit + mosa mint shampoo and conditioner

this shampoo and conditioner smell absolutely amazing, and really help to define my waves! plus, its a total steal — i buy mine on amazon but you should be able to pick it up at your local drugstore or target.

aveda smooth infusion style-prep smoother 

i don’t often style my hair, but i love to use a pump of this on my wet hair before letting it airdry. it really helps to eliminate pesky frizz and flyaways for me, and makes my hair feel silky on days where i do decide to blow dry.

aveda damage remedy daily hair repair leave in treatment 

i credit this stuff to making my hair amazingly healthy. i put this on my ends when my hair is damp, and it really helps to reduce split ends from popping up. plus, it smells sooo good.

tresseme expert selection shine serum keratin smooth 

i like to use this in drier months when my hair tends to be even frizzier than normal. i started using this at the beginning of my college days and i absolutely swear that it makes my hair grow faster than normal!

aveda air control hairspray 

my must-have hairspray for any time i style my hair. it has great hold, it doesn’t leave my hair crunchy or stiff (seriously, my friends don’t believe that i have hairspray in when i use it) and it doesn’t have a typical hairspray chemical smell. i don’t ever see myself going back to any other hairspray after using this stuff.

note: some products mentioned have been provided to me by the company, however all opinions are my own and i was not obligated to share any thoughts about the products.


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