my go-to healthy breakfast

my go-to healthy breakfast

i am not a morning person. i tend to hit snooze more times in a row than i should, and i usually end up rushing around trying to get ready as fast as possible so i’m not late for work. unfortunately, this means i also skip breakfast most days of the week.

thankfully i’m usually not too hungry in the morning, but i also see the bad side effects of skipping my morning meal. i usually do not feel as productive, and end up crashing much earlier than the days i do give myself time to eat breakfast (not to mention, i usually end up having a cup of coffee – or a few – before i even eat lunch).

i’ve been searching online and trying out different recipes in the morning whenever i can, but my mind kept going back to a pb + banana green smoothie i would order on campus before my 9am when i was in college. i thought it would be the perfect thing for me to try since it doesn’t leave me feeling too full in the morning, but also has a good amount of protein and a ton of vitamins to start my day. i can’t really taste anything other than the peanut butter in it, which i like because i don’t love to eat a ton of vegetables in the morning. although, i will warn you – the color is very green once it’s blended. (tip – you can add in a few berries to change the color to more of a pink/red/purple shade! just be careful to not add too many – personally i don’t think berries taste great with pb.)

since it’s winter i’ve been making it as more of a juice consistency, but once the weather warms up i’m excited to play around with the recipe and make it more of a smoothie! my favorite part is that it’s very easy to take with you on the go – and since i make it in my magic bullet, it’s as easy as popping on a travel lid to the cup i blended it in.

pb + banana green juice 



  • 1.25 cups of greens (i use a mix of baby spinach and baby kale) 
  • 1 fresh banana 
  • 1 tb of creamy peanut butter 
  • unsweetened almond milk – enough to cover the above ingredients 
  • dash of tumeric powder (optional) 

how to make it 

  1. add fresh greens, banana, and peanut butter to blender
  2. cover dry ingredients with almond milk
  3. add a dash of tumeric powder (optional)
  4. blend until smooth


let me know your thoughts if you try out my recipe!

my favorite products discovered through ipsy

my favorite products discovered through ipsy

i subscribed to ipsy last summer when they opened up their waitlist, and it has become one of my favorite packages to receive each month. i love trying out new makeup and skincare items, and with this bag i have saved so much money because i have pretty much stopped buying makeup at the store and have instead relied on ipsy’s monthly bag to try out new products. keep reading for the products that i have received through ipsy that i would repurchase once they run out!






this post is not sponsored by ipsy or any other companies mentioned. all opinions are my own.