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my go-to healthy breakfast

i am not a morning person. i tend to hit snooze more times in a row than i should, and i usually end up rushing around trying to get ready as fast as possible so i’m not late for work. unfortunately, this means i also skip breakfast most days of the week.

thankfully i’m usually not too hungry in the morning, but i also see the bad side effects of skipping my morning meal. i usually do not feel as productive, and end up crashing much earlier than the days i do give myself time to eat breakfast (not to mention, i usually end up having a cup of coffee – or a few – before i even eat lunch).

i’ve been searching online and trying out different recipes in the morning whenever i can, but my mind kept going back to a pb + banana green smoothie i would order on campus before my 9am when i was in college. i thought it would be the perfect thing for me to try since it doesn’t leave me feeling too full in the morning, but also has a good amount of protein and a ton of vitamins to start my day. i can’t really taste anything other than the peanut butter in it, which i like because i don’t love to eat a ton of vegetables in the morning. although, i will warn you – the color is very green once it’s blended. (tip – you can add in a few berries to change the color to more of a pink/red/purple shade! just be careful to not add too many – personally i don’t think berries taste great with pb.)

since it’s winter i’ve been making it as more of a juice consistency, but once the weather warms up i’m excited to play around with the recipe and make it more of a smoothie! my favorite part is that it’s very easy to take with you on the go – and since i make it in my magic bullet, it’s as easy as popping on a travel lid to the cup i blended it in.

pb + banana green juice 



  • 1.25 cups of greens (i use a mix of baby spinach and baby kale) 
  • 1 fresh banana 
  • 1 tb of creamy peanut butter 
  • unsweetened almond milk – enough to cover the above ingredients 
  • dash of tumeric powder (optional) 

how to make it 

  1. add fresh greens, banana, and peanut butter to blender
  2. cover dry ingredients with almond milk
  3. add a dash of tumeric powder (optional)
  4. blend until smooth


let me know your thoughts if you try out my recipe!

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