25 things you probably didn’t know about me.

as my following has been growing, i figured now was a great time to share more about me! here’s 25 things you probably didn’t know about me.

  1. i am an only child! but i have a huge family and a ton of cousins.
  2. i’ve been into astrology since i picked up a book on it when i was 10. i’m an aries sun, virgo moon, and leo rising! i love following funny astro accounts on instagram and sharing posts with my friends.13315572_991660734263241_8268378542057695610_n
  3. i graduated college in 2016 and have a bachelor’s degree in cinema. not really in line with my current career goals, but i had such a fun time in college and i made the best friends ever!! i don’t regret majoring in cinema at all and i still love making short films with my friends and helping out on set.
  4. with that being said…i love movies! i try to go see as many movies in theaters as possible and it’s one of my favorite things to do. my favorite movies are (500) days of summer, beetlejuice, and the royal tenenbaums.
  5. if i were to go into the entertainment industry, i’d be an art director or costumer. really anything under the art department umbrella!
  6. if i didn’t study cinema, i would have probably majored in interior design. no surprises there since i love art direction!
  7. i’m an introvert. i am super shy when i first meet new people, and i prefer to stay in on the weekends rather than going out.IMG_2880.JPG
  8. i literally grew up with the harry potter series, and i still love it to this day. i was so young when i was introduced to the series that my dad had to read the books to me because i couldn’t read them myself! i’m a ravenclaw and my favorite characters are luna, remus, and the twins.
  9. i love playing video games in my downtime. i have a nintendo switch and i recently finished playing pokemon let’s go: eevee! i’ll probably start replaying super mario odyssey during my christmas break.
  10. i’ve been somewhere on the vegetarian spectrum since i was 12. i stopped eating red meat around this time, and then went full vegetarian for many years, and now i eat fish occasionally but am also cutting down on my dairy intake!
  11. my favorite tv show is parks and rec and i’d describe my personality as a hybrid between leslie and tom.
  12. my favorite holiday is halloween and i love to DIY my costumes!
  13. my celebrity crush is ryan gosling and my favorite movie he’s in is crazy stupid love!12109029_865311526898163_1258652282593088589_n
  14. i’m obsessed with dogs. i had 2 english springer spaniels growing up, and my parents adopted two more after i moved out. i love the breed but when i can get my own i want to get a smaller spaniel – a cavalier king charles.
  15. my favorite music artist is ariana grande. i also love drake, shawn mendes, x ambassadors, rex orange county, and tyga!
  16. i have an affinity for reality tv shows like big brother and survivor. i often binge older seasons when i don’t have any new reality shows to watch!
  17. my favorite color is lavender and i’m always on the hunt for good lavender clothing items.
  18. my go-to cocktail is a london buck which is basically a moscow mule with gin instead of vodka.Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 12.50.15 PM
  19. i have one tattoo of a hummingbird on my ribcage. i plan to get more tattoos in the future!
  20. i work in e-commerce and one of my long term career goals is to open my own online shop!
  21. my favorite song of all time is ‘you can call me al’ by paul simon. i love the quirky lyrics!
  22. the makeup product i can’t live without is mascara. it really helps to open my eyes up and make me look awake! my favorite ever is tarte’s lights, camera, lashes.
  23. i am nearsighted and have had glasses for reading and being in class since i was 8. i still don’t wear them all the time but i do need them to drive!
  24. i love coffee and really can’t start my day without it! i usually don’t have time to drink a cup at home before work, but as soon as i get to the office i make a beeline for the coffee maker.
  25. i started this blog to have a creative outlet! i don’t have a super creative role at my job, so i wanted to do something in my free time to get my creativity going. i’ve always loved writing and of course i love fashion and beauty, so i felt like blogging was the logical way to go!

feel free to introduce yourself in the comments! i love getting to know my followers 🙂


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