home decor updates ~ january 2019

with the start of the new year, i have been taking a lot of time to get my apartment clean and organized. i’m trying to be more mindful with my decor, given that i live in a really small apartment, and have been searching for pieces that are functional but also look good. i wanted to share some of the items i have picked up recently from target – they are really affordable but also look great! plus, you can get an extra 10% off home decor online currently, using code HOME.


over the door shoe rack – $17

since i live in a studio apartment, i really take advantage of the vertical space i have. it was time to get one of these shoe racks to free up some floor space. i usually think these racks can make a room look cluttered, but i have mine hidden on my closet door so i only have to look at it while i’m choosing my shoes for the day.

hexagon cork boards (set of 3) and push pins 

i think these are cute for a traditional way to use a cork board, but i’m using mine to organize all of my necklaces that i wear often. this keeps them off of the limited surface space i have, and keeps them from getting tangled up!

i also picked up this gold hello sign and faux succulent fridge magnet. i wasn’t able to locate them on target’s site but they were so cute i had to share! 


letter board sign is from amazon

are you doing any organization/redecorating this new year? let me know!

disclaimer: this post is not sponsored. all opinions are my own, all items purchased with my own money.

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