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recent amazon purchases (all under $30)

i purchase a bunch of stuff on amazon because i love the convenience of having pretty much anything i want or need delivered right to my door. i always love seeing what other people are buying and using, so i decided to share what i have purchased recently! gold hoops set $9.99 i have two […]

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me vs. him

i saw this over on shethespy’s blog, and i thought it was so cute! i knew i needed to try it out with my boyfriend michael. color me: lavender // michael: burgundy  season me: spring  // michael: winter time of day  me: sunset // michael: night  meal me: tacos // michael: sliders snack me: french fries  // michael: pretzels tv show  me: sex […]


spotted in leopard

i have been wanting a pair of leopard print pants since leopard came back into style last fall, but a lot of the ones i found in the beginning were a bit more than i like to spend on a trendy piece. i almost bit the bullet and got a pair from revolve, but i […]

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work life: desk essentials

i started working in an office about two years ago, and one of the things i was most excited about was having my own desk area that i could leave some personal items at, as well as decorate to my tastes. after being there for a few years, i have really figured out what is […]