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work life: desk essentials

i started working in an office about two years ago, and one of the things i was most excited about was having my own desk area that i could leave some personal items at, as well as decorate to my tastes. after being there for a few years, i have really figured out what is necessary for me to have around at work, as well as curated some decorative-yet-functional items to add some personal style to my space. i have really been loving my space recently so i wanted to share over here this week!


the office that i work in is airy and bright, with all of the desks and chairs being white and any other furniture in the office being cream colored or natural wood or rattan. i wanted to make sure my area wouldn’t stick out in the office, but also wanted to add in some color and personality. i ended up going with a bit of a tropical plant and pink theme, which works really well in the space.


i picked up this cute pink pen holder on amazon. other than pens and highlighters, i also like to keep a glossier balm dot com and a nail file on hand in case i need them.


i keep an extra pair of glasses at my desk, and hand sanitizer is always handy to keep around.


going along with the theme, i picked up this mouse pad on amazon. i love the little sleeping kitty that’s hidden in there! a desk calendar is also a must for me so that i can see my whole month at a glance. i was lucky enough to find this cute floral one in the dollar section at target! (similar linked)


the only truly non-functional personal items i have at my desk are this little plant and photo frame. i love having plants around and this little succulent is so much happier on my desk than it was in my somewhat dark apartment. it is so nice to have a little piece of the outside indoors, especially during the dark and rainy months. the picture frame just holds a cute polaroid of my boyfriend and my dogs!


i keep my desk drawer pretty cleaned out and organized, but i wanted to share a little about what i keep in there as well. i have some office essentials that i use every day – like a calculator, extra highlighters that don’t fit in my pen holder, post its – but i also keep some personal items as well – like headphones, some hair ties, an extra lip balm, and deodorant (i forgot to put on deodorant on the first warm day of spring last year, bought a travel size one, and it has lived in my desk ever since!).

let me know if you would like to see more work-related content, it’s something that i would love to write about more!!


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