a sunday in wine country: francis ford coppola winery


my parents came to visit a few weekends ago and instead of hanging around the bay area, we decided to take a weekend trip up to napa. i absolutely love going to visit napa because i love to go wine tasting, the weather is usually much nicer than it is in san francisco, and it is so beautiful!

on this trip, the one place i really wanted to go visit was francis ford coppola winery. michael and i both went to film school (that’s where we met!) and we have of course seen our fair share of coppola films, so it was a no-brainer for us to pick out a winery to go to. we went late on a sunday morning and there was hardly anyone there, so we got a really good look at all of the props from his films (and all of his oscars!!!).

i would recommend skipping the tasting (it’s pretty pricey at $30 a head!) and grabbing a glass at the bar to enjoy outside on the patio. we were there right before they flipped the outside area for the spring season, but we still had no trouble finding a comfy couch to sit on and enjoy our wine. with the sweeping views of the vineyards and mountains, what more could you want for a relaxing day?


disclaimer: this post is not sponsored, all opinions my own.



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