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i am definitely the type of person who uses my hair as a security blanket. i tend to wear my natural hair on most days since i like to keep my hair long and healthy, but i still use quite a few products on my hair to keep it from becoming a frizzy mess. i do heat style my hair sometimes, usually for a special occasion or for a pick me up if i’m not feeling like myself.

before getting into the products, i wanted to share some examples of my natural hair, as well as how it looks when i heat style it –

natural hair / curled / blow dried straight 

everyday products 

these are the products that i will typically use every single day (or at least as often as i wash my hair). if i’m not going to be heat styling my hair, i like to keep my hair routine short and sweet.


love beauty + planet shampoo and conditioner 

since i last mentioned these, i’ve switched over to a new scent since i am not coloring my hair currently, and i really could use some extra moisture. i’m a sucker for the packaging of these, and both kinds that i’ve tried have smelled amazing. plus they are cruelty free and vegan, which is something i always look for when buying beauty products.


renpure coconut whipped creme leave in conditioner 

my natural hair tends to be pretty frizzy and wild, so i need to use a thick leave in conditioner for added moisture. this one smells amazing and leaves my hair so soft.


alba botanical leave in conditioning mist 

i use this leave in conditioner to smooth down frizz on my hair after i’ve slept on it. since i don’t like to wash my hair very often, i tend to stay away from heavier products to keep my hair from getting greasy.


conair rainbow paddle brush 

my hair is super thick and gets tangled really easily, so a good paddle brush is a must have! i love the iridescent rainbow accents on this one.

products for heat styling


infiniti pro by conair hairdryer with straightening attachment (different color linked, but same exact blowdryer!)

this hairdryer works so well for the price point, and i can go from straight from the shower to dry, straight hair in 20 minutes.


chi straight guard smoothing styling creme 

this stuff is my #1 secret to straight hair without a flat iron! i use a pump and rake it through towel dried hair before blow drying. it smells amazing and my hair will stay straight for 3 days! i do think it’s a little pricey at full retail cost (at least for what i like to spend on hair products) but i can usually find it at tj maxx for half the price!!


tresseme thermal creations heat tamer 

i have been using this stuff since high school, and i really feel like it helps to protect my hair when i do want to heat style it. it smells good and has been a staple in my routine for almost 10 years!


bedhead curlipops curling wand, 1 1/4 inch 

my last curling wand broke over the holidays, and i spent my time finding a good replacement for it. i like having a larger barrel for looser curls, and i honestly do not think you can beat the price for the quality of this one. it heats up fast and is super easy to use.


aveda air control light hold hairspray 

i hate hairsprays that are super thick and sticky. this one is really light but will hold my curls for a good amount of time. plus it smells super good on my hair, like all aveda products!

those are all the hair products i can’t live without! it seems like a lot but each one has a specific purpose in my routine. what’s one hair product you can’t live without?


disclaimer: this post is not sponsored. all products purchased by me (or given to me by a family member). all opinions are my own.

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