our engagement story.

One of the big reasons why I stepped away from working on my blog last year was that I was traveling a TON for work, which could be stressful and didn’t make me want to be productive in my free time. And then right after I was done with my crazy travel schedule, I GOT ENGAGED!!!! Which was so exciting, I dove headfirst into wedding planning and my blog was put on the backburner (although I’m super glad to be getting back into it!). Now that I’m about six months out from our wedding date, I wanted to share our engagement story over here (I’ve posted a few snippets on instagram).


Michael and I went on a quick weekend road trip to Monterey Bay for our 4-year dating anniversary. We were leaving San Francisco literally 4 hours after I had gotten off a flight home from NYC, but I made time to go and get a manicure before our trip as a treat to myself since I had been traveling non-stop for the past 6 weeks or so and my hands were looking rough.

We went to the Monterey Bay aquarium as we both love animals, and it is such a beautiful place. Michael could stare at the jellyfish forever, and personally I love watching the otters splash around their exhibit. Once we were done there Michael wanted to take a walk to a nearby park along the coast. But, it was really hot for Monterey, around 90 degrees, so I convinced him we should grab a bite to eat and maybe do a little wine tasting to let it cool down before we took the walk over.

Once we got to the restaurant Michael was acting really weird, but I brushed it off and thought that it was just the heat getting to us. We ate and then walked over to a tasting room where we each tried a flight, and I still thought he was acting pretty weird, but again I brushed it off to the heat and being tired – I was also pretty jetlagged so I thought I could just be imagining things.

Once we finished our wine Michael was still very adamant that we go on this short walk over to the park, so I obliged (it is one of the only things he has ever been this adamant about). I was wearing a skirt and was miserable walking in the heat, but I tried to enjoy the ocean view along the way and was really thankful whenever the breeze blew past us. We finally got to the park and he suggested we climb out onto some rocks along the edge to get a better view of the ocean.

Once we finally got situated on the rocks, he proposed! I finally understood why he was acting weird the whole day, and everything made sense. Of course I said yes, and we hung out in the park a little bit longer just taking everything in. Once we started walking back to the car, we stopped to get ice cream because it was so hot outside, and then we drove back to our airbnb and texted our friends our good news. We told out families in person and over the phone over the next few days, and started planning our wedding for September 2020 (fingers crossed COVID-19 does not affect our date!). Everything was perfect for us, and we are so excited to say ‘I Do’ and spend the rest of our lives together!

I am going to share some more of my wedding planning over here, but will still be sharing my normal content as well 🙂 Let me know if there is anything in particular that you’d like to see!

engagement photos taken by our talented friend Evan, in Pacifica CA



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