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me vs. him

i saw this over on shethespy’s blog, and i thought it was so cute! i knew i needed to try it out with my boyfriend michael. color me: lavender // michael: burgundy  season me: spring  // michael: winter time of day  me: sunset // michael: night  meal me: tacos // michael: sliders snack me: french fries  // michael: pretzels tv show  me: sex […]

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NYC: rosé wine mansion

when i was in new york, i went to the rosé wine mansion in midtown. when i first heard about it, i was instantly sold. endless rosé, cute theme, and no kids allowed? sign me up. i had originally bought tickets for the last night they were going to be open, but they have extended […]

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adventuring with ashley: NYC

this fall, i have been lucky enough to travel to NYC twice – once for work and once for play. i absolutely love exploring the big apple and all of its diverse neighborhoods, and there is truly something for everyone in new york!  where to eat  aunt jake’s – little italy  this place has the best […]

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my go-to healthy breakfast

i am not a morning person. i tend to hit snooze more times in a row than i should, and i usually end up rushing around trying to get ready as fast as possible so i’m not late for work. unfortunately, this means i also skip breakfast most days of the week. thankfully i’m usually not […]