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me vs. him

i saw this over on shethespy’s blog, and i thought it was so cute! i knew i needed to try it out with my boyfriend michael. color me: lavender // michael: burgundy  season me: spring  // michael: winter time of day  me: sunset // michael: night  meal me: tacos // michael: sliders snack me: french fries  // michael: pretzels tv show  me: sex […]


spotted in leopard

i have been wanting a pair of leopard print pants since leopard came back into style last fall, but a lot of the ones i found in the beginning were a bit more than i like to spend on a trendy piece. i almost bit the bullet and got a pair from revolve, but i […]

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work life: desk essentials

i started working in an office about two years ago, and one of the things i was most excited about was having my own desk area that i could leave some personal items at, as well as decorate to my tastes. after being there for a few years, i have really figured out what is […]

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ashley’s picks: workout sets under $30

i don’t know about you, but i always feel a lot more motivated to do something i don’t want to do, when i have a cute outfit to wear specifically for that thing. so when i joined a gym, i had to hunt down some cute workout sets to wear. i found a ton of […]


winter in california

while most of the rest of the country is freezing their butts off in snowstorms, i have been enjoying a fairly sunny california winter. i’ve been wanting to style a cute cali winter look for a few weeks now, and finally had the opportunity when my talented friend evan was in town this past weekend […]


home decor updates ~ january 2019

with the start of the new year, i have been taking a lot of time to get my apartment clean and organized. i’m trying to be more mindful with my decor, given that i live in a really small apartment, and have been searching for pieces that are functional but also look good. i wanted […]

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a very harry christmas

i’ve taken a break the past week to recover from the holidays and spend some time getting my apartment clean and organized for the new year. now i’m back and even though it may be a little late, i wanted to share some photos from christmas! i went to universal studios hollywood with my family, […]

ashley's picks fashion holiday under $30

ashley’s picks: nye dresses under $30

i always love an excuse to wear glitter, so figuring out a great nye look is always a priority of mine. but i never want to spend money on something that will get worn only a few times a year! so i’m sharing my favorite picks – glittery and not – that are all under […]

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my favorite holiday look

i absolutely love christmas time, and i have been to a bunch of holiday parties this year! the look i’m sharing today is my absolute favorite from this year, but it is also pretty versatile and would work for any number of events throughout the year as well.   dress | shoes | earrings (similar) | […]

weekend update

weekend update: december 21

happy friday! i’m so glad to be heading into the holiday weekend. here’s my weekend update: this week.  i’ve had a super busy week! monday, my company took off work early and headed to a local bowling alley for our annual holiday party and gift exchange. we’ve had a few new members join our team […]