adventuring with ashley: seattle, washington

adventuring with ashley: seattle, washington


i travelled to washington state for my cousin’s wedding, and took the opportunity to explore the breathtaking pacific northwest for the first time. i fell in love with the city of seattle and am already looking for an opportunity to go back and visit. 

where to stay 

the arctic club seattle

we stayed at this gorgeous hotel in the heart of downtown seattle. it’s alaskan gold rush theme is super charming, and the convenience to downtown and public transit is a major plus. 

what to do 

seattle art museum 

this donation-based museum is filled with art from multiple places and periods. we loved spending the afternoon wandering around and exploring! 

seattle public library 

one of the hidden secrets of the city, the fourth floor of the public library is entirely red, from the floor to the ceiling. although it wasn’t a place we spent a ton of time at, it was only a few blocks from the hotel and gave us some really great photo opportunities. 

columbia tower observation deck 

the columbia tower is the tallest building in seattle, and has a really great enclosed observation deck for those of us with a fear of heights (like me!). i really wanted to go to an observation deck with a view of the space needle, and being up in the columbia tower really showed how small the iconic seattle building really is. 

unicorn bar 

a quick ride on the lightrail away, we visited this bar in seattle’s charming capitol hill neighborhood. i found this place on yelp and when i saw the carnival theme and fun cocktails, i knew i had to take a trip down here to see it for myself.

we ended up going on a monday afternoon, so the bar was pretty empty, but we had a great time looking at all of the colorful decor covering the entirety of the bar. be sure to go after you’ve eaten a full meal — the cocktails can be pricey but are definitely strong! 

i am so in love with the pacific northwest and have seriously been considering making the move to seattle in the next few years — after i go back and visit again of course! what are your favorite places to explore in seattle?


july favorites.

july favorites.

check out what i’ve been loving this past month! 

funk wave bounces vol. 1 by calvin harris 

this album is everything i have ever wanted my summer playlist to be and more. considering it was the only album i had on my phone for my entire trip to LA, it got a lot of listens, and it’s still the music i want playing while i’m in the shower. if you’re looking to get the most out of your summer vibes, the best road trip album, or simply something to just dance to, this is the album for you!

aveda damage remedy daily hair repair 

i have been travelling so much this month, and that means that my hair hasn’t always been getting the proper care it needs. this product makes my hair look and feel great, even when i’ve been using hotel shampoo, and really keeps me from getting split ends! i haven’t gotten a haircut since may and my hair is still completely split-end free!


i used to work at a buy-sell-trade clothing store, so i definitely have an interest in buying clothing secondhand. i love depop because it takes out the middle man, and allows the buyer and seller to interact together! i have gotten some amazing pieces that i can’t wait to wear this fall — including a denim jacket and a vintage coach belt — for really great prices (the belt was $10!). i love knowing that i am getting such a good deal and that i am helping the environment by putting new life back into the clothes i’ve purchased! psst — i’ve started selling some of my own clothing on depop! click the link to check out my profile!! 

tarte tarteist quick dry matte lip paint in ‘swamp family’ 

with all of the travelling i’ve been doing, i’ve been going to a few more formal events than i would get to in my everyday life. i swooped this liquid lipstick during tarte’s black friday sale, and i am so happy to finally have opportunities to wear it more! it is the perfect true red color for super pale girls like me, stays on all night long (through dinner, drinks, and dancing!) and isn’t super drying like a lot of liquid lipsticks on the market are. i’m not a red lip everyday kind of girl, but if you are, i would definitely recommend trying out this one. in my opinion, it’s worth every penny.

shop riffraff ‘glow up’ metallic dress

i bought this dress for one of the aforementioned formal events i had been going to — and i love it so much, it’s coming with me to washington in a few weeks for my cousin’s wedding. it has the perfect amount of sparkle without being too much of a statement, and the cut of the dress is so comfortable, i almost forgot i wasn’t in one of my typical tee-shirt dresses. the biggest plus — it’s currently on sale and they have lightning-quick free shipping! they ship from arkansas and i’m located in california, and i typically receive my orders within 3 business days!

harry potter and the methods of rationality 

okay, this definitely isn’t for everyone, but i was so glad to find out about it because i love it. basically a parallel universe fan-fiction, where harry has a very different backstory and ends up in ravenclaw. i’m less than 20 chapters in and i’m completely hooked! if you. like me, have always disliked harry’s character most out of everything in the franchise, i completely recommend this to you. we basically skip all of the angsty teen emotions and the problems are tackled in a much more logical and rational manner, all while still having childlike innocence of a young ‘muggleborn’ at hogwarts. i’m a ravenclaw, can you tell? 


what have you been loving? let me know in the comments below!! 


my skincare + haircare essentials

my skincare + haircare essentials

as i go more into my twenties, my skin and hair keep changing. over the past few years i’ve had to move on from my high school favorites and find some more products for my current skin and hair type. i’ve spent a bunch of time testing out new products in 2017, read on to see what i’ve been loving!


being a younger 20something, my skin can be kind of all over the place. i still suffer from the occasional hormonal breakout, but i am also starting to notice fine lines appearing. these products help to soothe my troubled skin and keep my face moisturized to help prevent fine lines from appearing. 

mario badescu special cucumber lotion 

i credit this toner to clearing up my skin so much. i first tried it when i picked up the mario badescu acne starter kit at ulta, and is the one product i loved enough to repurchase from the line.

mario badescu brightening mask 

a brightening mud mask that really helps to get rid of scarring, redness, and hyperpigmentation. my only complaint is that it can be a little drying, so i try to stick to using this once a week or less.

skinfood black sugar strawberry wash-off mask 

this is the best exfoliator i have ever used. first of all – the smell is amazing. it smells exactly like fresh strawberries. i use this 3 times a week in the shower after cleansing my face but before washing my hair or body. i massage it into my skin for about a minute and let it sit until the end of the shower, and my skin looks bright and clean after every use.

lush full of grace solid serum 

this solid serum is super convenient for travelling, which makes it one of my faves. plus, it has tea tree oil in it, which helps to soothe troubled skin. i use this nightly and i swear every morning my skin gets better and better.

herbivore orchid youth-preserving serum 

i use this as my morning moisturizer. it doesn’t leave behind as much residue as the lush serum, and it sits really well below makeup! if you plan on using this under makeup too, i would recommend getting the rollerball rather than the dropper, as it is easier to get only the tiniest amount.


i have super thick, wavy, frizzy hair, which means i don’t want a lot of product in my hair that will weigh down my natural texture and make my hair feel even heavier, but i also need something to keep my frizz at bay. these products make my hair look great, even with my busy wash-and-go lifestyle. 

herbal essence biorenew naked volume white grapefruit + mosa mint shampoo and conditioner

this shampoo and conditioner smell absolutely amazing, and really help to define my waves! plus, its a total steal — i buy mine on amazon but you should be able to pick it up at your local drugstore or target.

aveda smooth infusion style-prep smoother 

i don’t often style my hair, but i love to use a pump of this on my wet hair before letting it airdry. it really helps to eliminate pesky frizz and flyaways for me, and makes my hair feel silky on days where i do decide to blow dry.

aveda damage remedy daily hair repair leave in treatment 

i credit this stuff to making my hair amazingly healthy. i put this on my ends when my hair is damp, and it really helps to reduce split ends from popping up. plus, it smells sooo good.

tresseme expert selection shine serum keratin smooth 

i like to use this in drier months when my hair tends to be even frizzier than normal. i started using this at the beginning of my college days and i absolutely swear that it makes my hair grow faster than normal!

aveda air control hairspray 

my must-have hairspray for any time i style my hair. it has great hold, it doesn’t leave my hair crunchy or stiff (seriously, my friends don’t believe that i have hairspray in when i use it) and it doesn’t have a typical hairspray chemical smell. i don’t ever see myself going back to any other hairspray after using this stuff.

note: some products mentioned have been provided to me by the company, however all opinions are my own and i was not obligated to share any thoughts about the products.


fall fashion inspo.

fall fashion inspo.

most people i know are clinging onto these last 6 weeks of summer with all of their might. i, on the other hand, cannot wait for the fall season to finally start. i love the foggy bay area days, bath & body works fall scented candles, and pulling all of my knits out from the back of my dresser. plus, fall fashion is my absolute favorite of any season.  not too hot and not too cold, it creates the perfect backdrop for intricately layered outfits (plus, the changing leaves can make quite the instagram backdrop). since fall clothing will be all we’re seeing in stores in just a few short weeks, here’s what i can’t wait to get my hands on this fall!

western style belt 

personally, i love the southwestern trends that have popped up over the past year. i recently shopped a double buckle western style belt online and can’t wait to style it. they look great as a statement piece for an otherwise basic outfit and i hope it will become a staple in my closet this fall! my tip: most of these you will find will only come in a silver color, but i went out of my way to find one with gold colored detailing so it will match my jewelry collection better! 

plaid dresses

plaid is one of my favorite things about fall, but i love taking the traditional masculine print and putting a feminine twist on it in the form of a dress. i’m partial to the babydoll style, but any style checked in plaid will get you in the mood for fall. my tip: shop secondhand! when i was working at a secondhand clothing store last fall, we saw a myriad of plaid dresses hit our shelves every week. i totally regret not picking one up when i had the chance, but i’m hoping the shelves will be stocked with these this fall as well! 

classic sneakers 

as a lazy girl, i’ve been a huge proponent of athleisure since the beginning. but i have also been loving the more classic style of sneakers that can be well incorporated into outfits that don’t include leggings and sports bras. just in time —  pretty soon we’ll all need to trade in our sandals for something that will keep our toes warm. my tip: hit up your local discount shoe stores (think DSW, TJ Maxx, and any outlet malls in your area)! i was able to find a pair of adidas for $50, and i’ve been wearing them every day since. 

structured handbags 

no matter your style, there is a great structured handbag out there for you. with cleaner lines and more space, it’s a great choice that can take you from the office to dinner and encourage you to save your slouchy crossbody for nights out at the bar. my tip: don’t splurge if you’re not sure! if you can’t get away from your mini backpack, there’s a lot of great options to get this look for much, much less than a birkin bag. my suggestions for saving some pennies? H&M, target, and try Ross or TJ Maxx if you’re looking for a better quality bag at a lower cost! 

jeans slashed at the knees 

i’m not ready to get rid of the super distressed jeans that have been seen everywhere this summer, so the slashed knee jean is great for the colder weather. it covers most of your leg while still giving a bit of the grungy distressed look that has been so popular — perfect for those sunny fall afternoons. my tip: DIY! this look can be easily achieved with an old pair of jeans you are looking to upcycle, an x-acto knife, a piece of chalk, and some cardboard to protect the other side of the jeans. 

what pieces are you looking forward to wearing around this fall?

note: i do not own any photos used for this post. all photos have been sourced from pinterest. please contact me directly if you own one of the photos and wish for it to be removed. 
how i turned my internship into a full time position in my dream industry.

how i turned my internship into a full time position in my dream industry.

I’ve been gone for a hot minute, I know. The month of may was one of the busiest ever for me — I finished up my last college course ever, stopped working retail, and was in training at my internship for my new position that I started June 1st! I’ve been putting off sharing the news on this platform in hopes of settling in a bit before talking too much about it, and I finally feel like I’m starting to get the swing of things in the new position that I have.

I know it can be discouraging interning for a company (especially post grad like me!) and not knowing if it will turn into something more permanent, so I wanted to take the time to share some of the ways I was able to get ahead of the pack and be in a really good position for making my dream career a reality!

Be up for anything.  

As an intern, you never really know what is going to get thrown your way. I work for a very small company with less than 10 employees, so my daily tasks varied greatly (and even still do post-promotion). I tried to be enthusiastic with every task I was given the responsibility for, from something as mundane as taking out the trash and shredding a lot of old contracts, to some of the more exciting things like helping to name new product and assisting with styling for a photo shoot. Do the dirty work without complaints and it will be appreciated by the people you work with. 

Be flexible. 

Especially at a small company, flexibility is really important. You could go into work one day knowing that you have something to work on that you will really enjoy, but something really urgent can come up at seconds notice and require all of your attention. Roll with the punches, and put the needs of the company over what you’re excited to be doing. 

Be realistic. 

This can go against my first two points, but it’s an important one. If you’re working on something that’s going to take you until you’re done for the day, and then someone else gives you another task, let them know you won’t be able to complete it (unless it is one of the urgent things that I wrote about above). It doesn’t have to be a big deal, and you can just let them know that you’re working on something that will take you the rest of your shift that day but you’re happy to get started on it the next time you’re in. Not only will it make your job less stressful, it also won’t give them unrealistic expectations of when you’ll be able to complete the task which they will appreciate. But most importantly, make a note of what they need you to do and complete it next time you’re in! 

Give every sector of the business a chance. 

I had a lot of experience in the apparel industry as a buyer at a recycled clothing store, and had a background in media studies through my degree, so I went into my internship thinking I was going to be very useful for things like social media content and styling for shoots. I was hoping to be offered a position in marketing or public relations after interning for six months or so. Well, my boss saw my strengths more on the business side (as well as the company’s needs for more employees) and I was offered a full time position as a sales support coordinator (after only interning 20 hours per week or less for only 4 months). I still don’t know if that’s what I really want to do long term, but it’s been an amazing opportunity to learn more about a side of the fashion industry that I had never really been given a chance to explore. 

That’s the basics of how I turned my internship into a full time job! Any other tips? Let me know in the comments below!



april favorites.

april favorites.

Check out what I’ve been loving in the month of april! IMG_2847.JPG

dl1961 denim. 

I bought two pairs of these and they have been a total game changer! I practically live in leggings, but these are so stretchy I never felt uncomfortable like I do when I wear other jeans. They also run a little larger than the other denim brands I had been purchasing before, which meant that they never got too tight after a large meal!

mr kate on youtube. 

Not even gonna lie, I have been an avid HGTV fan since high school. So I was thrilled to find Mr Kate on YouTube! They have a couple of different series, some of them redoing the house that they bought and some where they makeover spaces of other social media influencers, and I have been hooked on both! I really like that they are younger, so a lot of their content matches my style, and they show you how to do really great DIYs for really cheap! I also bought Kate’s book, featured above, where she talks about different experiences she’s had as an interior designer and gives even more DIY tips than the show does!

tarte sex kitten palette 

I bought this palette on a whim and loved it so much it has become my new everyday eye palette! It pairs unexpected neutral eyeshadows with a peachy rose gold highlight color and allows you to create so many different looks. I especially like it because some of the colors are a little more unconventional than what you’d find in something like a naked palette, so even in a sea of nude eyes you can create a look thats different than everyone else.

tule fog candles.

I bought the Fig + Vine scent this month, and it is the most delicious thing I have ever smelled. I seriously would wear it as a perfume if they made it! But what I love most is that they are a Bay Area based company that uses only ethical and sustainably sourced materials, and give many tips on how to be kind to mother earth, including posting different ways to recycle the jars on instagram! I’ll likely be planting a succulent in mine once the candle runs out (and heading out to repurchase my fave scent!).

e.l.f. hydrating primer

The weather in the bay has been all over the place, which made my skin even dryer than it usually is. I picked up this primer at target and love how soft it makes my skin feel, even when I use a ton of drying lotion every night! Plus it’s so inexpensive, it can easily fit into anyone’s makeup budget.

glossier cloud paints.

I haven’t had great luck with cream blush in the past, but when I saw these were on sale I couldn’t resist. I picked up two shades – dusk and haze – and they are both so pigmented and look great on any skintone! You only need the tiniest bit to give you a nice flush, and I’ve found they work best when applied over foundation with a very damp sponge (I use the same one that I use for my foundation and don’t rinse off in between for an even softer look). They also stay on for forever — as in, I forgot to take off my face makeup before running forever — but come off easily with a face wash or makeup remover! I also love how the packaging looks like a little acrylic paint tube, it was a really cute touch to a great product!

heatstroke by calvin harris ft. young thug, pharell, and ariana grande  

I saw Ariana Grande on her dangerous woman tour at the end of march, and was so excited when this song came out about a week later! I have been listening to it nonstop because it was the best balance between my post-concert obsessing and wanting new songs from Ariana. Plus, it has the perfect vibes to get you in the mood for warmer weather!

*all opinions in this post are my own, and i paid for all products with my own money. this is not sponsored by any of the above brands.* 
adventuring with ashley: the wizarding world of harry potter, hollywood.

adventuring with ashley: the wizarding world of harry potter, hollywood.


for my birthday at the end of march, my parents took me to the wizarding world of harry potter at universal studios hollywood! i have been a lifelong fan of harry potter (literally – i was so young when i was introduced to the series that i wasn’t able to read them myself) and have been wanting to go since the park opened in 2016. here’s my guide to navigating the park! 


what to ride 

there are only two rides in the wizarding world portion of the park, but they are both great! the first i went on, flight of the hippogriff is a fun little roller coaster. it wasn’t a huge thrill to go on as an adult, but all of the kids sitting around me had a great time! it is only about 90 seconds long and was a great introduction to the magic that the rest of the park brings.


the second ride, harry potter and the forbidden journey, is a stop motion ride typical of what universal has become known for, and is the perfect ride and experience for an avid harry potter fan. we waited in line for over an hour, but it was so worth it as the ride touches on so many memorable moments of the harry potter series. even waiting in line takes you through the castle grounds and through parts of the castle, so you are never bored and there was so much thought put into all of the details! i will say to avoid this one if you get motion sick easily, it is quite a long ride and you will get nauseous (i was towards the end, but i would still go on it again if i have the opportunity to go back!)


where to shop 

the shops were honestly my favorite part of the whole experience. they have so many places that are authentic to hogsmeade in the movies and books, and i absolutely loved it!


if you’re feeling like a sweet treat, you can go to honeyduke’s for a chocolate frog, pumpkin pasties, or even dumbledore’s favorite lemon drops. i ended up purchasing a chocolate frog to take home with me and the box it came in is so intricately detailed, and they even come with a famous wizard or witch collectible card! i got helga hufflepuff in my box.


if you’re looking for something fun and lighthearted, you can check out zonko’s joke shop. they had plenty of jokes and toys that would be fun for the whole family!

anyone looking for a wand should go to ollivander’s wand shop. it was the most crowded shop i went into all day, but it was absolutely magical! all of the walls are lined with shelves that have boxes upon boxes of wands from every single character you can think of. you can look at them before you purchase and you can even conjure up a little ~magic~ throughout various places in the park if you decide to purchase!


there are also multiple gift shops with a variety of harry potter swag, like house sweatshirts and t shirts, death eater garb, home decor, and a whole lot more! i had been obsessed with these crewneck sweatshirts that have the house names in collegiate lettering, so i had to pick a ravenclaw one up. i also got my housemate a whiskey glass with the hogwarts crest on it for his birthday that was earlier in the month, and my boyfriend a huge mug that looks like the marauder’s map.

where to eat 


if you want the whole harry potter experience, i definitely recommend staying inside wizarding world to grab a bite to eat. the only restaurant is the three broomsticks, and the wait may be long, but it is so worth it! i decided to eat whatever i felt like that day as it was my birthday and i wanted to be able to experience this magical place to the fullest. the food was so much better than theme park food! it was all traditional british dishes, so things like fish and chips, and bangers and mash. my mom and i both got the fish and chips and it was so good and filling! you can also get butter beer or pumpkin juice here, so i would skip the line for the butterbeer cart outside if you plan on getting food at the three broomsticks. i got the normal butterbeer and it was delicious but so sugary!


and that’s it! it’s such a small portion of the park in hollywood but every little corner has so much detail that i really enjoyed spending an entire day there experiencing harry potter’s world in real life. 


dress: lush | jacket/tights/shoes: h&m | bag: nordstrom bp