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ashley’s picks: easter dresses under 30

i have always loved easter! even though i’m not very religious, easter sunday always feels like the official start of spring for me. other than spending time with my family, one of my favorite things about easter is the excuse to wear a cute sundress, so i decided to round up my faves (under $30!) […]


spotted in leopard

i have been wanting a pair of leopard print pants since leopard came back into style last fall, but a lot of the ones i found in the beginning were a bit more than i like to spend on a trendy piece. i almost bit the bullet and got a pair from revolve, but i […]


amazon prime gift guide for everyone in your life

i am such a last minute gift shopper! i figured i couldn’t be the only person on amazon every year a few days before christmas, picking out gifts for their loved ones (bless the 2 day delivery!). i came up with 5 categories based on my own friends and family and the gifts that i […]